Key tips to protect your privacy when using mobile applications

Today, mobile devices have become almost ubiquitous and are used more than personal computers, mainly because of their practicality in terms of portability and handling. Smartphones are increasingly becoming one of the key vehicles for meeting different crucial purposes – from containing business contacts, to confidential information, financial information and more. This has created an open gateway for cybercriminals. Key mobile threats include modifying or transmitting user data, interrupting proper operation of the device, and sending spam messages, among others. Here’re some of the common mobile privacy threats.

  • Spyware

Designed to collect and/or use your confidential data without your authorization, spyware targets information such as your location, browser history, messages, images and all that information which can be useful for an attacker to commit an identity theft or a financial fraud.

  • Vulnerable apps

These apps use sensitive information like your personal information, contact list, location etc to perform undesirable actions.

  • Broken cryptography

It mainly happens when your mobile apps’ security becomes compromised because of incorrect implementation or bad encryption. A cybercriminal can decrypt your confidential data to its actual form and steal or manipulate it according to his/her wish by exploiting the vulnerabilities. Use of insecure algorithms, complete dependence on in-built encryption process etc are key factors behind the rise of broken cryptography.

  • Unintended data leakage

When your critical app data gets stored on insecure locations on your mobile, the situation is referred to as unintended data leakage. The data can be easily accessed by other users or apps, which results into the breach of your privacy, leading to unauthorized use of such data. This type of data leakage mainly happens because of inadequate security in the framework or issues like OS bugs.

  • Safety tips

While basic security settings for mobile devices can be tweaked by anyone, enforcing some security layers can help you protect your privacy when using mobile phone applications.

  • Use a VPN

This tips is particularly relevant when you’re using an untrusted network connection or a public hotspot. VPN services create a secured tunnel through which all your data travels. They also help you surf the web anonymously by hiding your original IP address. Once you connect to one of the trusted VPN servers – NordVPN, for instance, it will mask your true IP address and encrypt all your traffic, thus increasing your mobile device’s safety.

  • Use a personal firewall

A concrete personal firewall is capable of differentiating friendly or secure networks from insecure networks. To ensure best practices of mobile device use, configure the firewall to impede all traffic other than VPN communications on public Wi-Fi networks.

  • Install an antivirus

They mayn’t be as effective as their desktop versions, but it’s always better to have something rather than going without installing any antivirus. And remember not to connect your mobile device to unknown computers as they could be infected with malicious elements, which may end up infecting your device too.

Just because your mobile device doesn’t have the latest OS or isn’t one of those latest smartphones doesn’t mean your privacy needs to be compromised. Implement the tips mentioned above to take your mobile device privacy to the next level.

The amazing story of the evolution of the mobile phone

With smartphones becoming essential extensions of people, today’s generation may not even imagine that there was a time without the presence of mobile phones. But they haven’t actually been in existence for very long.

The beginning

Many of the early mobile phones were considered as “car phones” as they were cumbersome and too large to carry around in a purse or pocket. Instead, they were actually two-way radios that empowered emergency services and people to communicate. Instead of depending on base stations with different cells, the early networks involved one heavily powerful base station that had the ability to cover a much wider area.

The Motorola DynaTAC model, though very big by today’s standard, was considered the first actual mobile phone as it was adequately small to carry. Unquestionably, the phone was incredibly expensive (the model was priced at around $4,000), which made it affordable to only a limited few.

Though the DynaTAC and following models were mobile and smaller, they still had faults. Models like the Motorola 2900 Bag Phone and the Nokia Mobira Talkman, which came with more talk time and longer battery lives, attained much popularity at that time.

The transformation

While the early mobile phones were meant for talking, the cell phone manufacturers gradually started to realize the importance of advanced features to increase their bottom-line. Many of us have experienced the journey of mobile phones from just a device to talk to it becoming the gateway of a new world, but today’s generation that grew up with smartphones may not even imagine the dramatic journey. Here’re some of the key steps of transformation of mobile phones.

  • Memory: Memory was only limited to storing messages and numbers in the earlier days. As technology advanced, it offered more space to store music and images. Today, most of the smartphones offer sufficient memory storage for images, videos, music, and apps - to name a just few, thus creating a whole new marketplace for content and apps.
  • Web access: Today, smartphone users take mobile internet facility for granted. But not a very long time ago, the internet was only accessed through a computer. And that too with the limitation of dial-up internet.
  • Mobile data: With the emergence of mobile data, the use of mobile phones has transformed completely. To meet today’s users’ demand for mobile data, companies have begun offering plans packed with more data. From watching favorite TV series to checking social media accounts during the wait for a transport – almost everything can be done with unlimited data.
  • Abundant apps: Smartphones today have become a major means of entertainment, unlike being restricted to their earlier means of communication. With the emergence of numerous apps, one can stream the latest hits or watch a favorite TV series or download an app just for fun.

The future

Hopefully, the future mobile phones are going to be wider, lighter and more powerful with more advanced features of mobile communication. The devices will be more resistant to the environments with much better battery life along with making the most of the advancements in technology. We can also hope that they’ll be more in sync with biological reflexes and processes like thought processes, and cultural preferences, among others.

How evolving technologies are affecting our world?

In today’s world, technology is developing at quite a fast pace and people from different fields are contributing to it. If we look around, we will find most of our surroundings to be associated with different technologies even where it’s difficult to notice their existence. Technological advancements have brought revolution in every aspect of our lives - from communication and entertainment to retail, health, language, finance and almost everything in between.

Here’re some fields that are being benefitted by the advancement of technology.

Got an idea? The world is listening

Today, you don’t need to be a public figure to be heard, thanks to the internet. People from all over the globe are sharing their ideas and thoughts through the World Wide Web, which was an inconceivable idea not too long ago.

Stay in touch like never before

Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, Instagram: the list just goes on and on. People staying at thousands of miles away these days no longer need to depend on snail mail to get their letters delivered. Instead, they can see, talk stay connected to others through different text, message and video chat applications.

Enhanced social interaction

Social media apps have allowed people to share their regular lives with others, either publicly or privately, from what they ate for breakfast or lunch to pictures of a night out or a vacation, which is undoubtedly a fascinating phenomenon.

Rise of cryptocurrencies

Perhaps the most talked about and latest thing in technology domain is the emergence of cryptocurrencies. They’ve eliminated financial barriers by empowering people to conduct online transactions utilizing virtual money at a lower cost. The rise of cryptocurrency has taken the financial domain by storm. This is kind of disruptive economic innovation that has the ability to revolutionize the present economic structure and change how financial institutions and banks operate. Probably the biggest success of this groundbreaking innovation is the emergence of new markets. in fact, cryptocurrencies have opened gates for a new type of market, which unlike the current money market, is controlled by nobody. The near to zero transaction cost (coupled with other characteristics) has made cryptocurrencies even superior to the conventional money we’re accustomed to using. Cryptocurrency is the booming segment of global financial realm despite the negativity and the cynicism surrounding it. As an unregulated and unusual payment method, it has become successful in penetrating the most uncommon locales of the existing transactional world.

Though technological advancements are invaluable and crucial for our society, it’s equally important to maintain a balance between the real world and the digital world.

Which Is The Go-To GoPro You Should Buy?

In a world full of Instagram likes and live videos, there is something to be said for the types of visuals that make you feel like you are right there with them. There are a number of different types of cameras out there for different uses and users. By reviewing types of video cameras you can understand that different cameras will produce a special result for you. There are cameras that are built perfectly for the novice photographer, to the more serious professional studio cameras, to the ones who want to film and shoot on-the-go and on their wildest adventures. Enter- the GoPro camera. GoPro came onto the market with a reputation as the “world most versatile camera”. At one point, they had more options and versions on the market than iOS versions. Since then, GoPro has scaled back on some of its cheaper and older models to leave way for the more cutting-edge versions of their cameras. Don’t worry. There is still a great stock of quality cameras to choose from. Not to mention, you could probably still purchase some of the discontinued models from retailers or through personal sellers. Let’s take a look at some of the options GoPro has on the market right now. We’ll dissect what options are best for their price, capabilities, and versatility.

GoPro Hero 5 Black

$399.00 (USD)

This is one of the best options on the market right now. It is a big step up from the Hero 4 as it can record at higher frame rates at lower resolutions (which is a dream for most videographers and editors) and has a new form of video stabilization to produce a more even action shot. The quality production is definitely an upgrade from its older counterparts. One of the better improvements of this model is the new waterproof design. So far gone are the days that one would have to apply a waterproof shell or casing before submerging yourself for an underwater shoot. The new body also comes with a touchscreen that allows you to see what the camera is capturing without having to add on an attachment. Why is this the greatest GoPro camera people have seen? Well, it might have to do with a few other new features. This camera comes with a built-in GPS, which is perfect for the traveler and explorer. Additionally, the camera contains a new software that allows for voice-controlled, similar to software items like Siri, Cortana, and Echo.

GoPro Hero Session

$199.00 (USD)

Shrink down in size and you will find the current model that is cheapest in the range of GoPro camera prices. This is the first GoPro camera that was released that was not rectangularly shaped. This small mini-version of the GoPro here is actually in the shape of a cube and is much lighter than its big brother version. This doesn’t produce the same type of quality shots that some of the other ones do, but it can take 8Mp photos which is more than some of the other Heros. The frame that is provided is compatible with all of the other GoPro mounts and it has the most versatile of rotations and mount orientations.

GoPro Hero 5 Session

$299.00 (USD)

This one has most of the favorite qualities of the Hero 5 Black mixed in with our favorite pieces of the original Session. It has the ability to record in 4K, just like the Black, and also is the same built in stabilization. It even comes with the cool voice command features and time lapse video functions as it’s OG camera. Unfortunately, this one does not come with the build in GPS and does not have a removable battery. Aside from the steeper price than its predecessor, this camera is a steal for those seeking a little bit of everything in a more compact piece of equipment.


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