10 Cutting Edge Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

Today’s world is filled with timelines discussing what’s new and what’s hot on the market. Engineers and inventors are hustling as hard as they can to come up with newest, most advanced technology that can capture a large customer base while making life easier, and more fun, for their customers. Thanks to modern technology, there are a number of new gadgets popping up everyday for just about anyone and every age spectrum.


DJI Phantom 4


 Although film drones are nothing new, the Phantom 4 is definitely top of the line when it comes to airborne gadgets. The sleek and sexy look of the drone’s body frame is just a plus. The gadget achieves its precise hovering techniques through its advanced stereo Vision Positioning System (VPS). If it gets disturbed while it is in hover mode, it will automatically track the drone’s movement and go back to it’s original spot. It has a lightweight body, multiple modes, and can fly farther and longer than standard drones.




 3D printing made its mark on the mainstream several years ago. This phenomenon is no longer a dream or a scene from a geeky sci-fi movie. What looks like a regular pen, actually functions as a mini 3D printer. It shoots out similar to a glue gun, but what comes out is a plastic filament that cools and solidifies in whatever you shape it into. It is a little malleable for just a second and then it will solidify into a structure. This takes doodling to a new level.


Google Daydream View VR Headset


Have you ever closed your eyes and wished you were someplace else? Well the Google Daydream View can make that somewhat of a reality. This equipment is a lot lighter than the bulky VR plastic headsets and is covered in a soft fabric that actually feels kind of good when you put them on. The lightweight set up makes the experience that much realer for the user. All you have to do is put your smartphone in the “capsule” and then close it up and strap it on.


Amazon Echo


Amazon has remained heavy on the market with new releases and ideas that are shocking society. Their recent gadget has great reviews and audience reception. The Amazon Echo is a speaker that connects to the internet and has vocal-command capabilities. Similar to the program that Apple offers with Siri, the Amazon Echo responds to the name “Alexa” to answer your questions and carry out your commands. You can ask it to play music online or through an app, answer simple questions, tell jokes, or record things for you. This gadget doesn’t require a battery and can be operated through an Android or iOS application. The Amazon Echo takes the old-school kitchen radio to a whole new level of cool.


DJI Osmo


If you are looking for a more compact camera that can do a lot and film with high quality stabilization, then this is the gadget for you. This is DJI’s first ground camera that is stabilized. It offers quality steady footage without the extra expense of high-end cameras and equipment. The camera that the Osmo uses is a Zenumuse X3. It comes with a three-axis gimbal combination that works to counteract the motion and keep the camera pointed in the direction you want. Keep in mind it is not full-proof. It wont provide a perfect shot that the Hollywood budget camera equipment is able to provide, but it will give you a fairly stable shot. It still requires a certain skill from the videographer. The camera stores its data on a microSD that is inserted and removed directly from the camera. It has the capability of filming in two 4K formats and full HD.


Fidget Spinner


The simpler, yet equally entertaining, of the newest gadgets on the market includes the fidget spinner toys. They are exactly what they sound like. No longer is fidgeting a thing of the nervous, anxious or the juvenile. You can now combat those nervous habits with the fidget spinner. This is the most recent gadget to go completely viral. You can find memes and videos using fidget spinners almost everywhere on the internet. The are extremely cheap and are the perfect gadget for any age. Whether pushing, popping, clicking or spinning, the fidget spinner is guaranteed to keep you occupied.


Nest 3.0


The Nest 3.0 is bringing a new spin on heating your house. So long are the days where you relied on a little electric box in your living room that turned the radiator up or down. It is a great way to monitor your homes electricity and an investment that could actually save you money in the long run. Adjust your heater, AC, or water pressure with a sleek circular monitor.


Netamo Welcome


 The Netamo welcome is here to bring home security to a higher standard and easily accessible format. Its cylindrical aluminum setup is sleek and super portable. One of the coolest parts about this gadget is its level of intelligence. In addition to audio recognition, it also has the technological capabilities for facial recognitions.


Moov Now


One of the hottest things on the tech market is being able to track your steps and movements. We’ve come a long way as far as fitness monitoring and tracking devices. There are couple of different options for wristlet fitness trackers. This one is sleek and comfortable and has the ability to track both steps and movements. You can even sink alarms, and it will even tell you when you’ve been inactive for too long.

SoundMagic E10C


Some were not that impressed with Apple’s release of the airpod headphones. Now the SoundMagic E10C bring quality headphones at a much more reasonable price. It comes with a bright red cable the pops or a subtle black version that blends, both of which are super durable. The balanced and precise sound quality is what puts this over the edge of other standard headphones.