What is Communication Software and Which One Should You Choose?

 We live in such a digital world, that the software and technology that we use have become almost second nature to our everyday lives. We sometimes dismiss what we are using and how it functions. Some of the simplest everyday things that we use and do are functioning through such an advanced system of new technology and capabilities, that we overlook their complexities because of their easy performance.


Communication software work the same way. They are in practically every electronic device that we use. They are almost everywhere that we look. However, they function so quickly and easily that we do not realize that this is the technology that is being used. You would be surprised how many things that you use on a daily basis function because of communication software systems. Because there are so many different ways to utilize communication software, you have an assortment to choose from to help you improve your every day lives.


Communication software basically works by providing remote access to any system trying to exchange information. It makes it easy to share different types of digital files in different formats between different computers or users. This includes, but is not limited to, file transfer programs, terminal emulators, messaging programs and more.




E-mail would now be considered the most archaic form of the communication software system. It emerged in 1965 as a way for multiple uses to share information through a computer. The 1970s then brought about basic message sharing systems and bulletin board systems before the terminal emulators emerged in the 1980s. Now, there are number of different communication software systems to choose from. It really depends on what you are looking for, what exactly it is you need, and how you plan on using it.




RingCentral is a cloud phone system that is easy to use and very popular on the market. It’s most popular feature is the fact that you can set up the app quickly and manage it in just a few minutes. It’s capabilities include a number of options from texting, voicemail, fax, call handling, mobile apps, and even BYOD. It has the capability to blend what the software infrastructure that you already have in place without having to toil with your IT department to make sure that it runs smoothly with your other software and applications. It is so easy, practically anybody can use it. If you are unsure about trying this software out, RingCentral offers a free demo service so you can explore all of its major elements before investing in the software.


Voice over Internet Protocol


(VoIP) is another familiar name for communication software. There are a number of VoIP software on the market that are aiming to make the lives of business owners much easier and seamless. One in particular is the 8×8 VoIP which has taken the market by storm. Companies like McDonalds, Shutterstock, Allstate and more have been using it for quite a while. The cost for the software is relatively low compared to its competitors. It offers instant messaging, internet faxing, call management and routing, smartphone integration, and even web conferencing. One of it’s greatest qualities is the incredible customer support. This is the perfect software system for a small business or one that is just starting to really grow. However, it can be beneficial to the larger companies as well.


Some communication software systems were made for businesses, and Jive is definitely one of them. It can help companies in a number of ways, from strategic alignment of teams, improving communication strategy, making collaboration more productive. The main objective of Jive is to enhance the communication systems for any team. It is extremely easy and user-friendly and more importantly, it is easily customizable to fit your every need. You can customize the way your analytics and reports look, the set up of your business plans, and the angle of your strategies. There isn’t many other software on the market that are up to par with Jive, especially at its almost unbeatable price. It even gives you the option of either cloud deployment or intranet use while implementing as many users as possible.


When it comes to the integration of instant messaging and other communication channels, Slack is program making the right moves. It allows its users to store and share their interaction data in a searchable database. The best part about this software is the fact that it never stops developing. Originally produced to function as a chat application, it has now evolved into a one-stop-shop for communication services for businesses. This is a tech lover’s dream software and for anyone that wants to learn the different avenues of instant communications. has been coined as a business collaboration app, verses some of the earlier ones we’ve mentioned that are more personal communication focused. This unique communications software has the capability to help businesses organize and manage business meetings, conferences, presentations while keeping everyone close to the conversation. It is the dream software for corporate development and security control. It even integrates a number of VoIP technologies and capabilities. All of this makes more affordable for the small business owner as well. It is a cloud hosted service which allows you to skip the download and install process. It utilizes a friendly and visually appealing interface that is also very customizable.




Skype is the OG of the communication software models. It has blown up into an international communication system. It is cloud-hosted, like some of the aforementioned software, and works for both corporations and the single individual. It was one of the first of its kind in its specific market, and has set the standard for communication software systems. What cellular phones did for telecommunications, Skype was able to do for visual communications. In addition to a simple phone call being made over the internet, Skype allowed you to video call from almost anywhere in the world. It is still one of the easiest communication software systems available to date.